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Wellness Reset!!!

March 09, 2022

Lose It!

We are excited to announce our new Lose It! Competition. This program is similar to The Brass City Meltdown but is FREE for members and will have you working individually to give it all you've got over eight weeks! You will have weekly strength training, cardio workouts, and challenges; you will also have weekly weigh-ins and compete to be the winning individual. Points will be based on the weekly weigh-ins, workouts, and challenges, so make sure you don't miss out!


Run Club

Join one of our run clubs to meet some awesome runners and stay healthy outdoors. Beginners will start the first week of walking and add longer running intervals to each week of training. Level 2 Runners will start off running 3 miles and work on speed training, hill workouts, and long runs. Not only is running great for your physical health, but running allows the brain to secrete hormones that work to improve your moods. Our running programs are great for someone who wants to complete their first-ever 5K or triathletes looking to strengthen their pace for longer distances. Runners will meet at the YMCA, local high school tracks, and local running trails. This program is FREE to Waterbury YMCA members!


Bike Club

They say you never forget how to ride a bike, so if you have a road bike and are looking to take in the beauty Litchfield county has to offer, join our Bike Club Tuesdays at 5:30 PM from the Middlebury Recreation Area. Beginner rides average 20 miles, and our intermediate rides average 25 miles. Outdoor bike rides will strengthen your legs, help you lose weight, get you confident for triathlons, boost your mental health and brainpower, and improve your balance and coordination. Registration is required, and participants will want to create an account on Strava to view the bike routes beforehand. Participants should be familiar with the route when they arrive emailed every week. A helmet and road bike are required to participate and prior biking experience. $100 for non-members, FREE for Waterbury YMCA members!

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