Open Doors Financial Assistance

The Greater Waterbury YMCA keeps our promise to serve the community by making our programs, services, and facilities available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. The Y's Open Doors Financial Assistance Program brings this commitment to life.

Individual and corporate contributions, coupled with proceeds from the  Annual Community Support Campaign, make financial assistance possible for people who need it most. Because of Open Doors, a family in need gains peace of mind knowing that their child is safe under our care, teens interact with and receive support from caring mentors and individuals, and families receive needed social services. Open Doors subsidizes YMCA membership and program services on a needs-based sliding scale, based on family size and income.

Each applicant must submit official documentation of all reported income, including the most recent year's tax return 1040.  Incomplete applications cannot be accepted. If you are a caseworker for an agency applying for several individuals please email Rubi Gil-Lopez.

Open Doors Program Application

Open Doors is easy and confidential. Simply review the documentation required, complete, and fill out the online form with your income information. You can also print the below application & bring the application to the Y!

Application in English

Household Income Documentation Required: (MUST BE PROVIDED TO PROCESS)

• Tax Return from the prior year (Form: CT-1040)
Note: If any minor dependent living in the household is not listed on the 1040 tax return, a birth certificate is required. Additionally, anyone not on the tax return will be removed from the application and will have to apply separately.

• 2-3 CURRENT Paystubs.
Note: Applies to all employed household members. If members get paid weekly, the Y will require 4 paystubs. If a member gets paid biweekly, please provide 2 paystubs.

• Social Security Letter (Must be from the current year but not older than 6 months)
Note: Letter can be requested at the Social Security office or by calling Social Security and requesting a letter to be sent to you. If you receive SSI or DSI, no tax return is required.

• Cash Assistance


• Child Support verification for all minor dependents in the household.
NOTE: If no Child Support is received, a letter must be provided from the support enforcement services, stating no pending case. Child Support Enforcement Address: 11 Scovill Street Waterbury, CT, 06706.

• Foster Care Income, if applicable

• Retirement income, if applicable.

• SNAP also known as Food Stamps for all household members receiving them, if applicable
(If you receive SNAP benefits, please provide all pages)
NOTE: You will not qualify if you only receive food stamps.

• DSS awards if applicable (Provide all pages)

• Budget letter from State

If you have any questions about the Open Doors program, please contact the Welcome Center at 203.754.9622 ext 100.

Solicitud en español


• Declaración de Impuestos del Año Pasado (Forma: CT-1040)
Nota: Si algún dependiente menor que vive en el hogar no figura en la declaración de impuestos 1040, se requiere un certificado de nacimiento. Adicionalmente, si algún adulto no está en la declaración de impuestos ese adulto no va a poder estar en la aplicación y tendrá que aplicar separadamente.

• 2-4 Talonarios del Trabajo RECIENTES.
Nota: Se aplica a todos los miembros del hogar empleados, si el miembro recibe un pago seminal, proporcione 4 talonarios de pago recientes, y si el miembro recibe un pago quincenal, proporcione los 2 talones de pago más recientes.

• Carta de Social Security (Tiene que ser de este año, pero no más de seis meses)

• Asistencia del Estado de CT en Cash.


• Verificación de manutención infantil, para todos los dependientes menores en el hogar.
NOTE: Si no recibe manutención infantil, se debe proporcionar una carta de los servicios de ejecución de manutención, indicando que no hay ningún caso pendiente. Dirección de Cumplimiento de la Manutención Infantil: 11 Scovill Street Waterbury, CT 06706

• Ingresos por cuidado de crianza, si aplica

• Ingresos de Jubilación, si aplica.

• SNAP también conocido come Cupones del Estado para todos los miembros del hogar que los reciben, si aplica (si recibe cupones de alimentos, proporcione todas las páginas.)
NOTA: No calificará si solo recibe cupones de alimentos.

• Ayuda DSS, si aplica (Proporcionar todas las páginas)

• Carta de presupuesto del estado

Si tiene preguntas acerca de esto porfavor comuniquese con Zoraida Torres al 203.754.9622 ext 114 o con Rubi Gil-Lopez al 203.754.9622 ext 102. Hablan Español.

Open Doors is now online!

You can now apply for our Financial Aid for Membership, Programs, Camp, or Child Care online! Financial aid does take 3-4 weeks to process. If you would like to check the status of your application, be sure to contact the Welcome Center, and someone from our Membership Team will contact you regarding your application! 


Please allow 3 to 5 business days for a confirmation email from someone from the Membership Team. If you do not receive a confirmation email, call the Welcome Center at 203.754.9622 ext 100.


Fill out the below & upload any of the income documentation that you may have! Any missing documentation will cause your application to be delayed and may take longer than 2-3 weeks.

Still, have questions? Contact the Membership & Marketing Director Rubi at!


Please provide income verification for all adult members of the household. If married filing separately, you must also provide your spouse's information. Note that all supporting documents will not be returned, please only provide legible copies/attachments. 


I am requesting assistance from the Y, and I certify that all information submitted above is complete and accurate.  I understand and acknowledge that as a participant in the YMCA Financial Assistance Program, I will be expected to provide proof of income every 12 MONTHS, or at the start of a new program session.  If I do not verify information every 12 months, or at the beginning of a new program session, as requested, my rate will be subject to an increase to the published rate that does not require income verification.  If my situation changes, I agree to notify the Y.  If I submit false or inaccurate information or fail to inform the Y of a change within 30 days, I may be terminated from the YMCA Financial Assistance Program

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For any questions on the Open Doors Program or application process, please contact Rubi Gil-Lopez.

EMAIL rubi