Contact the Welcome Center if you have any general questions. You can also contact a membership staff with any questions regarding your membership or account. 


Membership Forms



Membership Application

Submit your membership application in advance! Someone from the Membership will contact you before starting your membership to ensure you continue and answer any questions you may have. Anyone joining the Greater Waterbury YMCA will have to show a valid form of identification before getting their membership card.

Update your membership information

Change your membership type, take people off your membership or add them to your membership, update your email, phone number, and more! Reminder: to add someone to the membership, they must provide a valid form of Identification at the Y. We scan everyone in the building through the sex offender registry.

Membership Freeze Forms

Can't make it down to the YMCA? You can put your membership to freeze during that time. We require a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months within 12 months. Submit your freeze form below. Someone from the membership team will reach out to you via email to confirm your freeze. Please note that the YMCA does not contact you regarding your membership unfreezing.


We don't want to see you go! But we understand terminations do take 30 days to process. Usually, you will be charged one more time, and then the termination will take effect. You will receive a confirmation email from someone from the membership team to confirm your termination and let you know when your final draft takes place. If you work for Trinity Health, POST University, Waterbury Hospital, or have payroll deduction through the State of CT, contact your payroll department to ensure that your termination processes on both ends.