The Waterbury YMCA offers Before and After School care for students and families.  Our program offers children the enrichment and support they need, mirroring what happens in their schools.  We also offer parents and families the support they need through a flexible daily schedule.


  • Homework Help
  • Character Development
  • Arts/ STEM
  • Gym/ Outside Play
  • Physical Activities
  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • Nutritional Education & Snacks
  • Student-Centered Focus
  • Well Trained Staff
  • State Licensed

How to Register?  

  • Complete a School Age Child Care Application
  • Health Assessment (Physical)
  • Authorization of Medication (If Applicable)
  • Individual Care Plan (If Applicable)
  • Copy of IEP/504 Plan with accommodations
  • Care4Kids Application (If Applicable)
  • Care4Kids Parent Provider (If Applicable)
  • Open Doors/Financial Aid Application (If Applicable)
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Have questions?

For Waterbury Public Schools:
Contact Shavonne


For Watertown Public Schools:
Contact Lindsay