My Y is Every Y

Nationwide membership is just one more great reason to belong to the YMCA! The Y is for healthy living and we want you to stay active and keep moving wherever you travel.

The Nationwide Membership Program allows full facility/full privilege Y members (those holding adult, family and senior memberships) to use their Y membership at other Y locations throughout the Nation at no additional cost. Just present your membership card* and a photo ID to enjoy access to almost every Y. Restrictions may apply and it is suggested to contact the YMCA you are going to visit for other rules and restrictions. 

To find a Y near you, visit or download our Y Finder app, available on the App Store.  
Members of other YMCA's are allowed up to 8 visits at the Greater Waterbury Y.  Reciprocity members must show proof of membership and a photo ID.  They are not permitted to use Childwatch. Group fitness classes are restricted to Waterbury Y members from January 1 through April 30th. 

The Waterbury Y reserves the right to restrict a class or program at any time if space becomes limited for Waterbury members. If members of other Y's decide to join the Greater Waterbury Y, their joiner's fee will be waived. Restrictions may apply at certain YMCAs. Please check the Y website that you plan to visit prior to your first visit.
*Full facility members only (Adult, Family or Senior memberships)

Women in yellow shirts working out at the Waterbury YMCA gym

Nationwide Membership Guidelines

Reciprocity Guidelines