Activities to Foster Your Child’s Growth and Development

The Waterbury YMCA Infant and Toddlers classrooms create a safe, nurturing environment for families and children to grow together. We enjoy accompanying families through their journey and the developmental milestones during the growth and development period most crucial from infancy to toddlerhood. Our goal is to assist children in developing their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills while preparing for a sound educational future.

Within the classroom we make it possible for teachers to teach and children to learn. This state of the art childcare center creates a comfortable, secure environment which allows for children to develop his or her sense of self-esteem, sense of belonging, and a sense of accomplishment. Our program encourages all families to develop a partnership where we can work together to support each child's optimal growth and development. Experienced teaching staff knows just what to do to provide a safe and loving environment for your infant to develop into a prepared toddler.

Our staff provides enriching language and vocabulary skills through daily activities such as group discussions and conversations. We strive to develop an atmosphere that allows children to begin making their own choices, teaching them through hands on play. Each day is filled with activities to foster your child’s growth and development in all areas of the curriculum.

High quality, nurturing programs

Fun and learning in a safe environment

Care4Kids accepted

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You must submit an Infant-Toddler Application to be added to a waitlist. Once you submit the application and the documents we require. The YMCA will contact you about the steps.


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