Sports and Leadership Programs

The Greater Waterbury YMCA Youth & Teen program is based on the foundation of teaching children the importance of YMCA core values: honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. Each program provides learning, leadership and friendship opportunities for the youth and teens in our community.

Youth Sports Programs


Sports Spectacular
3-4 years old...
An introduction to team sports for children and their parents. The program will cover the basics of T-ball, soccer, and basketball, emphasizing gross motor development and teamwork! This program provides fun, active, and their parents.


9-14years old...
this is a competitive class designed for players who have experience with the game of basketball. This class will work on developing more advance skills and techniques. All players will be evaluated based on skill, age, and position. Practice & Games will be held on Saturdays.


5-8years old...
Introduction on building stronger skills to gaining self-confidence, our youth basketball program is about more than just the game. It is about building the whole child from the inside out. Our coaches focus on the youth basketball players’ development of building core skills such as ball handling, defense, offense, rebounding, shooting, conditioning, and more. We are creating team players and future leaders through team sports. Your kids will learn good sportsmanship and teamwork, develop positive friendships, and you will build a network of like-minded parents.


Free play is designed to provide our valued members with a unique opportunity to engage in casual and enjoyable volleyball matches, allowing them to enhance their skills, have fun and connect with fellow members in a relaxed and friendly environment.
Wednesdays 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


YMCA High School Summer League

A competitive sports program designed exclusively for high school students. This league offers a unique opportunity for young athletes to stay active and refine their skills on the court and brings together teams from different high schools, creating a dynamic and exhilarating atmosphere. The League operates with a structured schedule, ensuring that participants can engage in games throughout the summer.

YMCA High School Girls Fall Tournament

It is an exciting and highly anticipated series of competitive games specifically designed for female students in grades 9th to 12th. This tournament serves as a platform for displaying the incredible talent and skills of young female athletes in high school with a series of games involving multiple teams in the Greater Waterbury YMCA and surrounding areas.

Download the CDC Youth Sports Concussion Fact Sheet

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For additional information on programs, contact Edna Walton, Director of Youth Development 


203.754.YMCA X162