Welcoming to All

October 06, 2020

On October 1st, 2020 the Diversity and Inclusion Committee had their second committee meeting with staff & members. They all unanimously agreed upon the vision of this committee.


"Greater Waterbury YMCA Diversity Inclusion & Global (DIG) Committee is an organizational change movement that advocates for diverse and inclusive practices in our Association's services to all of our members, communities, volunteers, and staff. We will strive to ensure access, inclusion, and engagement for ALL to reach their personal potential and live life to the fullest. Our committee will focus on our Association building a welcoming and intentional global community and infusing that commitment into our daily operations. Our movement hopes to bring awareness of local, national, and international D&I effort so that we can prioritize and utilize these best practices in the mission."


We established and assigned members to the following task forces that will focus on:

  1. Urban Development- Lead by Edna Walton (Youth & Teen Engagement Director)
  2. LGBTQ- Lead by Andrea Vignali (SR.
  3. Cultural & Language Barriers- Lead by Rubi Gil-Lopez
  4. Limiting Disabilities & Seniors- Lead by Alisa Detushev


If you have questions about this committee or have any suggestions contact Committee Leader Kristen Jones at 203.754.9622 ext 125

Email Kristen Jones for More Information!!