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Mask Update May 19 2021

May 18, 2021

Face Masks Update!!

As of May 19, 2021, the Connecticut Mask Requirement will be changed to allow those who are vaccinated not to wear their masks outdoors and indoors! At this time, we will be following the Governors advice and utilizing the honor system with all of our members.

Youth & Teen members up to 16 years old will still need to be in a mask.

The Greater Waterbury YMCA will still require all staff to wear masks until July 1, 2021.


Be Kind & Respectful!

Remember: it is going to take time for everyone who wants to get vaccinated to get their shots, and some vaccinated people will prefer masks. So please, if you see someone with a mask, treat them with kindness.


What else is Changing at the Y?

The Greater Waterbury YMCA has returned to 100% capacity. (You can still log in to your membership account and see how many members are in the building if you do not feel safe!)

  • Lobby: Members will no longer need to take their temperature upon entry. The table and chairs will be returning to the lobby! Please make sure to scan your card at the Check-Out desk.
  • Membership: June 1, 2021- we will allow members to bring in guests two times per calendar year! Nationwide members will also be allowed to visit the Waterbury YMCA beginning June!
  • Gymnasium: Registration/Reservations will no longer be required on the basketball court. All youth and teens not vaccinated must wear their masks.
  • Wellness: All of the equipment in the Wellness Center can be used. Water fountains will be back on!
  • Group Fitness: Group Fitness and Spin Classes will return to standard size. Spinning Classes will remain in the Group Fitness room.
  • Hot Tub: Hot Tub will no longer have a waiting period of 15 minutes but will continue to be one person at a time.
  • Locker Room: All lockers will be available to use. Sinks, hairdryers, blowers & water fountains will be back on. (Sauna and Steam Room still closed)