Find Your Y

January 01, 2022

When families and individuals thrive, our community grows stronger – and never has the need for a strong community been greater than right now. When you get involved with the Greater Waterbury YMCA, you get so much more than a place to work out. It's a chance to connect with neighbors, develop skills, explore new interests and give back to others. Whether you join as a member, participate in a program, volunteer, donate, or a combination of these activities, the Y helps people discover a renewed sense of positivity, passion, purpose, and belonging.


"The Greater Waterbury YMCA is a community that is dedicated to helping people realize a greater sense of purpose in their community, thereby finding their 'why,'" said Jim O'Rourke, CEO, Greater Waterbury YMCA. "We encourage people to get involved with the Y so they can discover their sense of purpose by developing new skills, connecting with neighbors, pursuing health goals, and giving back in support of their fellow community members."


As the leading nonprofit committed to strengthening the community by bringing together people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and generations, the Y ensures everyone has access to opportunities, relationships, and resources necessary to learn, grow and thrive. To help more people benefit from the Y, the Greater Waterbury YMCA is waiving everyone's joiners fee. We will also be launching a new program called Economic Hardship that will allow us a new way to reach even more people in the Greater Waterbury area and offer financial assistance to those who do not qualify for our Open Doors program. 




The Greater Waterbury YMCA offers countless ways to get involved and find their 'why' throughout the year. Our doors are open to all looking to join a welcoming, supportive community that offers opportunities to make a real impact on themselves and their community. 


To learn more about the Greater Waterbury YMCA, contact Rubi at 203.754.9622 ext 102 or for more information.