Learning to swim at the YMCA is an exciting and enjoyable process! Here are a few pointers for you to know when you or your child begins swim classes: Be patient and supportive. Swimming develops new motor skills, and the time needed to learn these skills varies from person to person. Generally, it takes 3 consecutive sessions to progress to a new level. Time is required to develop strength and endurance to perform these skills. Swimmers develop as these skills are reinforced. Our Aquatics program meets the need for a comprehensive program of water enrichment and skill development. Our enthusiastic staff, low ratios, and a progressive program will ensure your child’s experience is fun and rewarding.

Youth Swim Programs

Read the descriptions below to determine which program best suits your child.

  • Shrimp & Kipper (water exploration)
    6 months & 2 years old with a parent
    The S.K.I.P. classes provide a fun time for parents and other adults to interact
  • Inias & Perch (water exploration)
    2 & 3 years old with a parent
    The S.K.I.P. classes provide a fun time for parents and other adults to interact.
  • Pike I (water exploration)
    3-6 years old without parent
    This class is designed for children who do not feel comfortable putting their face in the water or are afraid of the water.
  • Pike II (primary skills)
    3-6 years old without parent
    This class is designed for children who are not afraid of the water, but do not know how to swim. Children should feel comfortable swimming without a flotation device the width of the pool.
  • Eels (primary skills)
    3-5 years old without parent
    Children have the ability to swim the width of the pool with face in the water with and without using a flotation device. Prerequisite: Pike or equivalent.
  • Rays (stroke readiness)
    3-6 years old without parent
    Children have the ability to swim front crawl with rhythmic breathing and back stroke the width of the pool. Prerequisite: Eels or equivalent.
  • Starfish (stroke development)
    4-6 years old without parent
    Children must swim the length of the pool with rotary breathing and back stroke. Prerequisite: Rays or equivalent.

Progressive Swim Programs
These programs are for children ages 6-14 years old.

  • Polliwog I (primary skills)
    For children who cannot swim and for those who are afraid of the water. Water basics. Prerequisite: None.
  • Polliwog II (primary skills)
    For children who can swim the width of the pool with rhythmic breathing, back float for 10 seconds, front float and kick with straight legs. Water basics. Prerequisite: Polliwog I or equivalent.
  • Guppy (stroke readiness)
    Swim 25 yards with rotary breathing and coordinated arms. Back skull, treading water, and basic lifesaving skills. Prerequisite: Polliwog or equivalent.
  • Minnow (stroke development)
    Front dive, survival float, and throwing assists, front crawl, backstroke, and elementary backstroke 50 yards. Prerequisite: Guppy or equivalent.
  • Fish (skill proficiency)
    200 yards front crawl and backstroke and dolphin kick, backstroke turn, 30 feet underwater swim. Prerequisite: Minnow or equivalent.
  • Flying fish (advanced skills)
    100 yards I.M. with legal turns and 200 yards front crawl with flip turns. Tread water for 2 minutes. Prerequisite: Fish or equivalent.
  • Shark (advanced skills)
    200 yards I.M. with legal turns, life-saving strokes. Prerequisite: Flying Fish or equivalent.

Red Cross Lifeguarding Class
This class is taught over an eleven week period. All classes are mandatory. Participants must be at least 15 years old on the first day of class.4

Prerequisite are

Participants must be able to swim 300 yards continuously, using each of the following strokes for at least 100 yards:
Freestyle (front crawl)
100 yards choice between the 2

Starting in the water swim 20 yards using front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive 7-10 feet, retrieve a 10-pound weight, return to the surface, swim 20 yards back to the starting point with the object and exit the water without using a ladder or steps, within 1 min and 40 seconds.

Adult Swim Programs

Water Exercise
A low impact, warm water workout for any fitness level. Designed to be comfortable, invigorating, and easy on your joints. This class improves strength, flexibility, and endurance to improve movement.

Stretch, tone, and strengthen muscles by using water resistance. This program consists of exercises that increase the range of motion in the shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, lower extremities, and abdominal areas.

Water Workout
A workout class that will use the water to make movement easier. The class will include a variety of exercises to build cardio, strength, and overall wellness.

Zumba Splash
This basic level Zumba class is taught in the small pool. Zumba dance is a fusion of Latin and international music, incorporating aerobics and interval training.

Swimming Lesson for the Terrified!
For adults who are truly terrified of the water. A must for parents who want to play in the water with their children, but can't because of their own limitations. Includes water orientation, basic front crawl skills with rhythmic breathing, and safety skills.

Beginning Swimmers
For adults who are unable to swim or only have a basic swimming ability. The class includes basic front crawl and rhythmic breathing skills backstroke skills, and safety skills.

Female Swimming
Adult lap swimming in a closed environment. Monday and Wednesday from 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM in our small pool.



Join our community of local swimmers!  Whether you are a novice or an elite swimmer, the Y’s Masters Swim program can improve your swimming skills. It is the perfect place to rekindle your competitive spirit, try a new sport or simply stay fit while honing a new skill.  All of our practices will be conducted like a swim team practice and will have an attentive coach overseeing them; offering a fitness and technical component.  Come see how much more there is to get out of a workout when surrounded by a group who shares a passion for the water!

Session Dates:

Tuesday, Nov 1st – Fri Dec 23rd (8 weeks)

Workout Days/Times

Tues/Fri – 6:15-7:15am

Mon/Thurs – 8-9pm

Program Cost:

Members:  $85

Non Members:  $115

REGISTER NOW for Masters

For more information about the Masters Swim Program, contact Meghan Lennon (

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