We believe we're stronger together when individuals can freely express their authentic selves. Our YMCA is focused on addressing our Greater Waterbury Community's most critical needs and is dedicated to Urban Engagement, Diverse Abilities, LGBTQ+, and much more. Our communities are intertwined and what happens here makes an impact in communities around the world. Here at the Y, we seek to lead as an anti-racist, multi-cultural organization more effectively and acknowledge that there is much work ahead of us towards adapting anti-racist principles and ensuring equity and inclusion for all. As we embark on this journey together, we do so with humility, fully aware that we have much more work to do as a local and national institution.

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee has been established to ensure that our Y has the checks and balances that we need to ensure that our Y is inclusive and that no one voice is left out. The committee meets quarterly to discuss the organization's DIG priorities to ensure all society segments have access to the Y. The following are questions that drive the work of the committee:

  • How do we respond to changing community demographics?
  • How do we engage a diverse population and ensure access to the Y?
  • How do we strengthen our diversity and inclusion practices?
  • How do we adapt policies and procedures to ensure relevancy to diverse populations?


Our Organizational Commitment to Inclusion:

The Greater Waterbury YMCA comprises people of all ages and from every walk of life working side by side to strengthen communities. Together we work to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, age, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender identity, ideology, income, national origin, race, or sexual orientation, has the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity. Our core values are caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility – they guide everything we do
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DIGE Vision Statement

Greater Waterbury YMCA Diversity, Inclusion, and Global (DIG) Committee is an organizational change movement that advocates for diverse and inclusive practices in our Association's services to our members, communities, volunteers, and staff. We will strive to ensure access, inclusion, and engagement for ALL to reach their potential and live life to the fullest. Our committee will focus on our Association building a welcoming and intentional global community and infusing that commitment into our daily operations. Our movement hopes to bring awareness of local, national, and international D&I efforts so that we can prioritize and utilize these best practices in the mission.


Want to join our committee? Contact: