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Active Older Adults

Whether you are looking to drop a few pounds or drop the kids off for a swim, the Greater Waterbury YMCA has a program to meet your needs! With everything from free ChildWatch for members to free weight loss programs, the YMCA is the leader in the community when it comes to identifying a need and providing a solution for individuals and families. From here you will be able to find the YMCA program that will make an impact in your life.

Special Wellness Programs


Seniors - Active Older Adults (AOA) Club)

Come join the AOA Club to get a great workout and meet new friends! The classes are designed to put little stress on your joints and they are appropriate for all fitness levels. Whether you have been working out regularly, or have not worked out in years, these classes will be sure to meet your needs. A chair is optional in all AOA Club classes.

Free for Members OR $35 for AOA Club Pass + $5.00 program fee

AOA Club – Walking Program
Join us in the gym and walk for as long as you like! Participants are allowed to walk for 15 minutes or walk up to the full hour scheduled- you choose! Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays 7:30 – 8:30 am. FREE for members of the Y and / or AOA members. All other participants - $1 donation is suggested.

AOA Club (Silver Sneakers) Muscular Strength and Range of Movement
The instructor will lead you through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and skills required during activities for daily living. The focus of the class is functional strength training to help you in your every day life.

AOA Club Cardio & Muscle Mix
Enjoy an aerobic workout that is healthy for your heart. Easy to follow steps are designed to give you a safe and fun workout. Resistance tools will be offered for additional muscular conditioning and a chair is used for seated and standing support.

AOA Club Yoga Stretch:
A mix of stretching, meditation, and yoga utilizing a chair.


SilverSneakers® Fitness Program

SilverSneakers_Logo_4c.jpgJoin the nation's leading fitness program for older adults at little or no cost beyond your monthly health plan premium. Get fit, have fun, make friends…with the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program!

SilverSneakers® offers an innovative blend of physical activity, healthy lifestyle and socially oriented programming that allows older adults to take greater control of their health. SilverSneakers members receive:

  • Membership to the Greater Waterbury YMCA with access to conditioning classes, exercise equipment, pool, sauna and other available amenities
  • Access to any participating fitness center throughout the U.S. while traveling
  • Customized SilverSneakers classes designed exclusively for older adults who want to improve their strength, flexibility, balance and endurance
  • Health education seminars and other events that promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • A specially trained Senior AdvisorSM at the fitness center to introduce you to SilverSneakers and acquaint you with their site

The award-winning SilverSneakers® Fitness Program is a proven, results-oriented program that enables older adults, often burdened with chronic conditions, to take charge of their health and maintain an active, independent lifestyle.

The SilverSneakers® Fitness Program is a winner of the 2004 HAN Award from the Healthcare and Aging Network of the American Society on Aging.

  • To find out if your Medicare health plan offers the program, visit www.silversneakers.com or call your health plan's customer service department.
  • Check the Active Older Adults Program Schedule for SilverSneakers® Classes





If you are a cancer survivor or know someone who is, you may be eligible to participate in this program and receive a FREE 12 week membership to our Y! Our LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program meets twice a week for 1 1/2 hours each class. Please spread the word to any survivors you know or contact LIVESTRONG for more information. Space is limited.


For over 150 years, the Greater Waterbury YMCA continues to be a leader in Health and Wellness. We are proud to expand our reach by offering the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA cancer support program.



In addition to offering a FREE 12-week exercise and strength training program, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA also helps survivors address:

  • Empowerment
  • Relationships
  • Reclaiming life

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is available to ALL survivors regardless of income, ethnicity or background.  LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is about helping survivors live their life and the Greater Waterbury YMCA will be with them every step of the way.


Privacy Policy

Thank you Team 13.1 for raising nearly $15,000 for Livestrong at the YMCA! See all of our generous donors at the right.









Ready Set Go

This is the most exciting weight management program the Greater Waterbury YMCA has ever introduced to date! We have left no stone unturned. You get everything in this program. As a result of the Ready Set Go! 2.0 program you will lose weight, become stronger, know how to eat right to keep that weight off, and be much happier and more confident about yourself than you have been in years. This is a no brainer!

Here's what you get:

  • Health & Wellness Support Team
  • Cardio Programming that will maximize fat loss, calorie burn and your time
  • Nutritional Guidance (when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat)
  • Strength Training workouts
  • Exercise program modifications
  • Opportunity to learn and use free weight exercises in your own program
  • Guidance on how to organize your personal time and life to maximize your overall happiness and well-being
  • Weekly Weigh Ins
  • 15 minute individual follow-up meetings with our Health & Wellness Team every week
  • Goal Setting
  • Peace of mind knowing that we are here to encourage and support you every step of the way
  • An educational experience on your Health & Wellness that you will be able to take with you for the rest of your life

FREE Exclusively to Greater Waterbury YMCA Members (12 weeks)

For more information email: chibbs@waterburyymca.org »

Ready Set Go Testimonials

"You'd be a fool not to take advantage of the support and professional advice that is free of charge." – Bob Twombly

"I'm not as tired, can breathe better and have more energy." -Wally Sousa

"The lifestyle initiatives were influential to my success because they allowed me to have more time for myself. I learned how to enjoy life more and feel more positive and confident. The program will teach you how to be a better person with a healthy positive lifestyle." – Naghma Amir

"It's more than just cardio and strength. Ready Set Go covers all aspects of life." – Kathy Brown

"I enjoy exercising much more now that I know what I am doing and how to exercise properly."

Personal Training

Join the program where lives and bodies are changed!  Let our Wellness  team create a training plan and help you implement an effective and challenging workout to maximize your body’s full potential.  Training with the Y is for anyone who wants to feel better and improve their self confidence and appearance.  Y Personal Training will provide benefits such as:

  • Body fat loss

  • Muscle/weight gain

  • Increasing muscle tone

  • Lifting weights and exercising in a correct and safe manner.


    Learn how to use your precious time wisely at the gym to get the results you've always wanted to see! 


    For more information or to join our program visit our website or contact

    Chris Hibbs 203-754-9622 x124 or chibbs@waterburyymca.org

Chris Hibbs

Director of Y Training
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

hibbs.jpgHi, my name is Chris Hibbs, CSCS and I am the Director of Y Training at the Greater Waterbury YMCA. For the past 10 years, I have been on a mission to help as many people as possible live healthier and happier lives. At the Greater Waterbury YMCA our training expertise and knowledge is top-notch, as all of our trainers are kept up to date with all the latest fitness research, design and practice. We currently offer customized one-on-one and semi-private fitness programs that focus on core and functional training. These programs educate, motivate, and support men, women, and teens to improve their health and fitness.

Our Y Training team is highly qualified and all have the highest level certifications available. All training sessions are conducted either in our Wellness Center using stability balls, medicine balls, kettlebells and any other fun and challenging training equipment we can get our hands on to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, feel better about yourself, run faster, improve your golf game or just go a day without pain we are here to turn your goals into reality.

I hope you will consider taking advantage of all the great opportunities and programs that Y Training has to offer. There is no limit to what your bodies can do. All it takes is a little hard work and dedication.

Once you are part of the Y Training community there is no turning back. You will never think of your body and exercise the same way. I guarantee it!

For more information email: chibbs@waterburyymca.org »

Triathlon Club

2015 Registration is NOW OPEN!!!!


The Greater Waterbury YMCA Tri Club serves multisport and single sport athletes of all ages and abilities in the Greater Waterbury Area. Our goal is to help our community of athletes embrace the multi-sport lifestyle in a fun, supportive and social environment.








*If you are not a member of the Greater Waterbury YMCA, you must first create an online account as a PROGRAM PARTICIPANT.

2015 Club Highlights

  • Access to our members-only FACEBOOK Group

  • Awesome sponsor discounts ranging from 10-40% off retail

  • Discounts at local races (Challenge (formerly Rev3), Griskus, Hopkins)

  • Mock Triathlon (Thurs 6/25) for beginners

  • NEW THIS YEAR!!  YTRI Mentor Program


  • Group Socials at local restaurant sponsors

  • End of the Year Party

  • GWYTC Target Races

  • Monthly Lectures

  • GWYTC welcome package

  • Email updates on club activities

  • The privilege of representing the best triathlon club in CT!!!


Running Workouts

  • Weekly Group Runs (Locations and times TBA)

  • Wed Noon Runs – 12:00pm (YMCA):  March - Sept

  • NEW THIS YEAR!!!  Trail Runs at The Outdoor Center at Camp Mataucha (Spring/Summer)

  • Monthly Southington Mountain Challenge Workouts (Last Thurs of every month starting March 26th) – 6:00pm

  • WEDNESDAY NIGHT BRICK NIGHT Runs! – 6:00pm (YMCA):  March - Sept


Biking Workouts

  • Tues Night Bike Rides – 5:30pm (Middlebury):  April – Sept

  • Thurs Morning/Noon Rides – 8:30am or 12:00pm (YMCA):  April - Sept

  • NEW THIS YEAR!!!  Saturday Morning Rides – 8:00am (Rotating Locations Outside of Wtby):  April - Sept

  • Spinning Classes – YMCA:  Year Round (YMCA Members Only)

  • WEDNESDAY NIGHT BRICK NIGHT Spin Class! – 5:15pm (YMCA):  March - Sept


Swimming Workouts

  • WEDNESDAY NIGHT BRICK NIGHT Group Swim! – 7:30pm (YMCA):  March - Sept

  • Sunday Morning Swim Clinics:  (Beginner/Experienced) – 10:00am-12:00pm (2 sessions/day) – March-May

  • Sunday Morning Open Water Swims – 8:00am (Middlebury):   June - Aug



Greater Waterbury YMCA Members                                                      $75

Non-Members                                                                                       $135

Club Season Membership + Facility Membership Indv.                         $460**

YMCA Member Couple (2 adults)                                                          $120*

Non-member Couple (2 adults)                                                            $240*


GWYTC Welcome Package includes:

  • GWYTC training shirt

  • GWYTC visor/hat

  • GWYTC water bottle

  • *This membership option is for someone who is not a member of the Greater Waterbury YMCA. It does not include use of the Greater Waterbury YMCA. Triathlon Club Events Only

    **YMCA Season Membership includes a membership to the Triathlon Club
    and full use of the Greater Waterbury YMCA from January – September.  YOU MUST REGISTER IN PERSON AT THE YMCA TO GET THE SEASON MEMBERSHIP.





*If you are not a member of the Greater Waterbury YMCA, you must first create an online account as a PROGRAM PARTICIPANT.


For more information contact: Chris Hibbs »

Waterbury YMCA Facebook Page »


   Currently accepting sponsors for the 2015 season! Download sponsor packet by clicking button above.  Team Uniform Order

Highlights From our 2014 Season!!!

Join the Tri Club mailing list...

If you aren't already on the Tri Club e-news list, you should be! Ride schedules, event postings and up-to-the-minute changes regarding weather and workouts can be emailed to you. Contact Chris Hibbs to be added to his ever-growing list.


AB_clean logo_green.jpg 

Ironman Sponsor



1/2 Ironman Sponsor



Group Fitness

At the Waterbury YMCA we invite people from all walks of life, regardless of shape or size, to participate in our Group Fitness program. You don't have to be perfect, or be able to keep up with choreography; you can even have two left feet! We don't care if you are 18 or 80, over weight or thin, short or tall, muscular or mushy, or anywhere in between. We offer a program that caters to all people no matter what fitness level. Group Fitness is a place where our members don't feel self-conscious, and don't worry about what others think because we are all here for one reason; to do something good for our body. At the heart of our program stands a tremendously dedicated and energetic staff whose main goal is to create an environment where everyone feels accepted. Come join us for a truly amazing experience.

All Step!:This class combines both athletic and dance based aerobic moves using an adjustable platform for the ultimate workout! Even better- it's all put to heart pounding music!!!

CORE Pilates: A challenging mat based workout designed to strengthen and tone "core" muscles, improve posture, flexibility and balance while focusing on muscle control through the use of your “powerhouse”(abs, low back, hips, & buttocks.)

Kickboxing: A high-energy cardio kick-boxing workout for the chiseled body of a boxer-without having to get into the ring!

Cardio Challenge: A high-intensity cardio class PLUS weight training using any of the following formats: step, hi-impact, boxing, drills, plyometrics, and/or BOSU. Int-Adv.

PUMP IT UP: An intense combination of cardio and weighted exercises that will get you working in all the energy zones and training progressions for a workout like no other!

Impeccable Abs: 10 min ab workout designed to sculpt your midsection. Beg – Adv

Ultimate Conditioning: Push yourself to the limit with “Personal Trainer” style strength and drill techniques utilizing the BOSU, step, stability ball, and weights. Beg-Adv.

Body Pump: An intense muscle endurance workout that will supercharge your day! Burn fat, build muscle and rev up your metabolism with these powerful timed intervals! All fitness levels welcome!

Hard CORE Abs: An excellent workout that focuses on the mid-section for a stronger CORE Beg-adv.

Pilates Body I: Mat based workout designed to strengthen and tone "core" muscles, improve posture, flexibility and balance while focusing on muscle control through the use of your “powerhouse”(abs, low back, hips, & buttocks.) Beg - Int

Pilates Body II: Move to the next level! Intermediate-Advanced moves will be perfected! Prerequisite: Pilates Body I

Cardio Sculpt: A mix of heart pumping cardio & non-stop sculpting moves using lots of different equipment. Ie. body bars, weights, med balls, steps. Beg-Adv.

Cardio Muscle Mix: A high energy cardio and muscle mix put into an interval format designed to challenge your cardiovascular system and muscle endurance. Beg-Adv.

Zumba: A fusion of Latin & International music & dance themes. The routines are simple and feature interval training with a combo of slow and fast rhythms. Come join us in this "feel-happy" workout! No experience necessary.

Kick Butt Bootcamp: an intense interval style work out sure to please the diehard in all of us. Cardio, strength and SWEAT!

Sunday Sculpt: After a long week, don't you want to have some fun? Join us for an energizing workout that focuses on your major muscle groups and leaves you feeling stronger and rejuvenated!

Kickbox, Step, and Tone!: An intense cardio workout that marries the best of components of each workout! Get your fat burning in while creating leaner muscle mass.

Butts, Guts & More: A cardio infused workout focusing on the core muscle groups, as well as the gluteals (butt) and legs while sustaining an elevated heart rate for maximum fat burn.

All About Muscle: An invigorating workout focusing on Increasing muscle strength, definition & endurance. All fitness levels welcome!

Sculpt and Tone: Want long, lean muscles? This is the class for you! This class focuses on strength and function while creating shape and definition in those problem areas! All Levels Welcome

Active Older Adult Classes / Silver Sneakers: for those adults 55 years and older who are looking to increase there physical fitness. See active older adult schedule for more details.

Spinning: Non-impact workout combining outdoor cycling techniques to great music. Classes are performed on stationary bikes. The instructor takes you through a variety of intervals adjusting pace, resistance, & pedaling style. Beg-Adv.

Bring it! Cardio: A high-energy s class that uses power surges and major muscle groups to crank the heart rate up! Perfect for those looking for max calorie burn!

POWER Yoga: This challenging class will take you through a flowing, focused, progressive series designed to tone and reshape muscles, increase strength & endurance, and develop better flexibility, balance, and coordination. Think stretching is just for cool down? Don't save the best for last, experience the difference when you lengthen while you strengthen!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Relax with breath as we go through flowing vinyasas ,yoga postures & techniques. Benefits include muscular balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, & relaxation. Beg-adv.

Stretch & Strength: The perfect balance of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, Stretch and Tai Chi elements that are mixed together for a class that will use all of the body without overworking the muscles. After class you will feel re-energized and relaxed, the perfect way to balance out your fitness regimen.

Total Body Workout: Come ready to blast fat and tone up those muscles in this fun, invigorating class! No experience necessary Beg-Adv.

Happy Hour Workout: A high energy workout mix perfect to end the week! A new format each week is designed to challenge your cardiovascular system and muscle endurance. Beg-Adv.

Power flow & CORE Strength: In this class you will test your core, upper body and lower body strength as well as your mind to push beyond normal limits. As you go through a series of yoga push-ups, planks, side planks, lunges and abdominal work you will raise your heart rate and fitness bar!!!

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga: access and use the core muscles of the body more efficiently in order to gain the maximum benefit of each yoga posture. This method helps burn calories and detoxify the body, builds deep body strength, improves flexibility, focus, and self-awareness. This class is suitable for the beginner yoga student and challenging enough for the advanced yoga practitioner.

V-Groove Cardio Dance: This 45 minute class will leave you wanting more! Hot dance moves, fused with old school aerobics, twisted with kickboxing all designed to the latest dance music. Each dance is designed specifically to work the entire body while accommodating all fitness levels. Burn calories while having fun, you won’t even realize you’re working out. This program is more than a party! Dance – Kick – Work


Take over the streets of Waterbury with us and Join the Y Running Program!


2015 Spring Y Running Program!    





First Run is on SUNDAY March 22nd at 9am

(delayed due to still bad sidewalk/road conditions)


Take over the streets of Waterbury with us and Join the Y Running Program!  There is nothing like the motivation you get from training from other people.  Whether you are new to running and trying to finish your first road race or an experienced runner who is trying to improve, YOU want to join the Y Running Program.  Lose weight, reduce stress, become a better runner, change your life and make some lifelong friends!

We offer two levels of running groups.

Please see below to see which category you belong in:

OPTION 1: Beginner Running

Join our Beginner Running Program and safely work your way up to a 5k in 10 weeks. This program will introduce you to the sport of fitness running as a life-long activity and prepares you to complete a road race at your own pace and injury free: all ages and levels are welcome. There will be leaders at all of the runs so no one ever has to run alone.

OPTION 2: Level 2 Running

This program is for anyone who has past running experience and would like to become a better and faster runner. Workouts will vary and will include longer runs, speed work, hill repeats and a faster running pace.


Join Us

You will receive a 9 week training plan, discounted race registration, guidance from experienced group leaders, weekly emails, and camaraderie and companionship while you reach your goals. There’s nothing like training with other people to motivate you! We will offer 4 runs per week, leaving from the front steps of the Y.

Registration Options:

Greater Waterbury YMCA Members


Triathlon Club Members

Fee Includes

• 8 Week Training Plan
• 4 Group Runs each week for 10 Weeks
• Entry into The Cheshire Sea Dog Road Race on Sunday May 17th
• Training Schedule and Informational Handouts
• Y Performance Running shirt
• Access to experienced runners who will mentor you

Weekly Group Runs for both levels:*
Mon/Wed/Fri – 6:00pm

Sunday – 9am
*Participants are not expected to be at every run.

All runs leave from the YMCA Front Steps



For more info about this program OR if you would like to become a volunteer run leader please
Contact: Chris Hibbs

Fall 14 Running Group Pic Small.jpg


Team 13.1


Begins Tuesday July 22nd
Team 13.1 is a Half Marathon training program targeted for the NU Hartford Half Marathon on October 11, 2014.

WHAT IS Team 13.1?
Team 13.1 is more than just a training program, it’s also an exciting opportunity for each participant to raise a goal amount for cancer survivors. All funds raised benefit the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program, a free 12-week wellness program for all cancer survivors in our community. You’ll train in weekly group runs, attend creative and FUN workshops to help you reach your goals… and meet some pretty great people in the process. Team 13.1 is made up of people of all ages and abilities, as well as some survivors.

Commitment Options are below:*
*Commitment amount includes all of your program fees for the training program as well as your registration to the NU Hartford Half Marathon.

More about what the program includes:

  • Registration for the NU Hartford Half Marathon on Saturday Oct 11,
  • 12 Week half marathon training program
  • 3 weekly groups lead by Team Leaders
  • Mentor-led fundraising workshops and guidance
  • Fundraising incentives
  • Really awesome team swag!

If the participant does not meet their committed fundraising amount, the balance will be charged to their credit card.

How your fees are paid/ IMPORTANT INFO:
Monthly fees are for 5 months. *Auto bank draft required for registration.. Fundraising options require the commitment of a valid credit card. Options 1, 2 and 3 Team 13.1 subscribers have until Novemebr 15th 1, 2014 to complete fundraising. If Team 13.1 subscription is cancelled before October 11, 2014, the balance of the chosen fundraising commitment will be charged at the time of cancellation.. Any balance due by the November 15th deadline will be automatically charged to the credit card on file. All options require the first monthly payment at time of registration.



Team 13.1 member, have you lost your registration information?

Retrieve it by entering your email below in the email address box. New instructions for getting started will be emailed to you.